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We make web and mobile apps that solve problems of your business


A proper plan and a detailed analysis are what make a good project. If you need advice on working out your own specific solution, we can help you.


  • Map your needs
  • Devise a project plan
  • Work out the technical details
  • Analyze existing applications


We are passionate about designs that evoke positive emotions, look great and are easy to use. It is the first impression and the emotion that matter.


  • Edit photos and videos
  • Design advertisements and company logos
  • Design websites and mobile apps
  • Create convenient UIs


We are happy to help you develop or prototype both simple and more complicated web solutions and mobile apps.


  • Create homepages and web-stores
  • Develop mobile apps
  • Prototype web services

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Happy Pregnancy research survey platform

Problems to solve:

  • Collecting and digitalizing surveys on paper for later analysis is labor intensive and time consuming
  • Survey responses on paper has low return rate and quality
  • Linking data from patients, doctors and labs is annoying and manual work has higher risk of errors

How it works:

  • Patients and doctors fill the survey forms directly online database
  • Forms have built in data validation to detect and prevent faulty and controversial input
  • Import module for lab data loading and export module for further data analysis

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Corporate Identity Webpages Prototypes Applications Prints

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The CityMotors’ and Ewert And The Two Dragons’ Band Bus Design Competition

Designer: Madis Lehtmets

1st Prize

Estoskills Young Craftsman 2012, web design

Developer: Martin Kangur

1st Prize

Baltic Games 2012, web design

Developer: Martin Kangur

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3rd Prize

EuroSkills 2012, web design

Developer: Martin Kangur

1st Prize

The national design competition for the portal of e-Land Register

Designer: Lauri Saidla

2nd prize & best design

Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2014 / DiaperBell

Designer: Madis Lehtmets

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